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1. COMPETITORS CORRECT AGE AS AT 1ST JANUARY 2022. This is required with entries so that if there are too many entries for a section, the section can be divided. e.g.: 9/U and 10/U.


3. All competitors perform at their own risk. No responsibility will be accepted for accidents, injury or lost property. This includes all persons attending this event as a spectator.

4. A condition of entry is that YOU & ALL GUESTS attending with you agree that MOBILE PHONES MUST BE ON SLIENT & NOT BE DISPLAYED OR USED IN THE HALL OR DRESSING ROOMS! The only exception is the one device being used to take photo/record an individual’s performance who must either be a parent or teacher only. 

5. Competitor age must be strictly adhered to. Any person that is found dancing UNDER their correct age group or category will be immediately disqualified. A copy of the dancer’s birth certificate is required with your entry. Only one item performed in the same section and category, UNLESS in the case a section is not available for another section entry. 

6. All solo / duo / trio routines to three (3) minutes maximum. Ensure that competitors are in the correct section. Competitors must dance in order of program. If a competitor is not on the program due to typing or committee error, he or she will dance last. 

7. Ensure that competitors are in the correct section. Competitors must dance in order of program. Late entries may be required to dance first. If a competitor is not on the program due to typing or committee error, he or she will dance last. 

8. Only the PRINCIPAL TEACHER of participating studios will receive free admission and will need to provide their Working with Children Check.

9. No repeating of routines in different sections is allowed. Competitors who disregard this rule are liable for disqualification.

10. Specially Restricted sections are limited to competitors who have never gained a 1st in that category, in any age at any competition. This also applies for Restricted sections. 

11. Props are to be removed as soon as possible. Props are NOT to be left in the hall and responsibility will not be taken for damaged or lost props. 

12. Prompting from anyone is NOT allowed (except in 6/u sections). This will lead to disqualifications. 

13. Improvisation – PLAIN dance apparel must be worn. 

14. An official sound system will be available. Music is required to be uploaded through MusicUploads.

15.  TIME LIMITS – Any dance exceeding the specified time stated will risk a 10mark reduction from the final mark. 

16. The committee shall decide on any matter not covered by these rules, and its decision in any question or dispute shall be final.  

17. The committee reserves the right to amend the program also to divide or join any section. 

18. Smoking is NOT permitted in ANY venue/s at this competition. 

19. Entry is conditional on acceptance of the rules of this competition. The committee in their own discretion has the right to refuse admission or not accept an entry to any person or studio. Any person causing disruption, verbal abuse or defamation during this competition will be removed and refused re-entry. Please read the rules carefully and inform ALL family and friends if visiting. 

20. All protests must be in writing and accompanied by a fee of $20.00 before the end of the section/adjudication, please see committee straight away to ensure that you are heard before adjudication.

21. REFUNDS will not be made on any entry fee paid once entry is accepted. This includes contacting us during OR when the eisteddfod is over and saying that you did not receive your program. It is UP TO THE PERSON ENTERING to notify us one week prior to the commencement of the eisteddfod, that you have not received your program. 

22. Once the program has been completed, changes will not be allowed, unless it is a committee error. Sections will not be moved, entries swapped, refunded & COMPETITORS CANNOT DANCE OUT OF SECTION. Do not ask, as refusal often offends.

23. DUO/TRIO: Entries received from Duo/Trios will perform together in the same section and under the same age groups. 

24. ALL ABILITIES: All Abilities is available in any age group; age groups may be combined depending on numbers. Cueing or assistance during performance is allowed by a teacher should they require it. All special needs performers enter under one category.

25. We reserve the right to RESCHEDULE if needed in regard to COVID-19. If rescheduling occurs all entries will be held for the new date.

26. SCHOLARSHIPS: dancers MUST compete TWO different solo routines in the regular competition, and another TWO different solo routines (not the same as performed in the regular competition) in the scholarship section.

27. NOVICE RULES: all Novice routines must adhere to the following restrictions, otherwise teams may be liable for disqualification. No hip over head rotation without contact to the performance surface is permitted, stationary turns are limited to one turning rotation, fouettés are not allowed, travelling turns performed in a series must not involve a jump or leap, ‘Russian’ or ‘switch jetes’ are not permitted.

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